This week's Top TEFL blog posts

After the success of last week's Top TEFL blog posts here's a few more:

Chao Phraya River in Bangkok
TEFL in Thailand
To start with have a look at this post on Ajarn titled talkin-bout-my-situation is a decent question and answer post. (Photo by puuikibeach)

Technology in the TEFL classroom
There's a decent blog on ESL activities with some ideas-for-using-videos-in-class which involves predicting, retelling, and imagining an ending.

Bored of using power point for just presentations? Well, check out this post on Sandy Millin's blog for details on how to use power point to create games.

This clip of the hilarious two ronnies at the Opticians on My That's English would be good to show students if you're practising 'you know' or 'you see', shall we?, would, could, and What about...The transcript is on the site too.

Correcting Speaking
This is a useful article on correction-of-spoken-errors by Alex Case on

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