This week's Top TEFL blog posts

Top blogs again in the world of TEFL.
Live the Dream
Have a look at this blog by Chelsea on Teaching Traveling. It's about how her world travels gave her an idea to bring the world into classrooms. The bog is titled Global Education for kids with an online program. (Photo by friarsbalsam)

Life in the classroom
Problems teaching the difference between /p/ and /b/ then check out this blog on Adrian's pron chart blog about working-with-the-confusion-between-p-and-b.

Here's a great video clip to have a Great toy debate in your classes. Could be good for adults and younger learners. It's on Blendedmec.

Not your standard gossip column but have a look at this article by Scott Thornbury on his An A-Z of ELT. It's called G is for gossip and is quite amusing.

This article on the Guardian's Teacher Network blog about the Power of the Podcast could be useful if you have the technology in your class.

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