Best ESL Lesson Plan Websites for Young Learners

Feeling tense about teaching young learners? Following on from my successful blog Best ESL Lesson Plans Websites, I've decided to get together a list of the best lesson plan websites for young learners, or kids.

Cartoon by Charpike
1) My favourite is ESL Galaxy Kids which has a load of resources for younger learners. You can find puzzles, crosswords, board games, interactive videos, phonics worksheets, games, and even quizzes.

2) Teach Children ESL has some amazing lesson plans and worksheets for young learners. This is an excellent site with a lot of free material on lesson plans, stories, flashcards, and games.

3) Childrens_Lesson_Plans_for_English_Learners_K_12 has lots of games, chants, music dictations, rhyming activities, and even a Cops and Robbers activity.

4) Simply ESL has some decent lesson plans for young learners aged between 4 and 8. The themes include: a day at the beach, pirates, how much is it? body parts, and big city.

5) has a couple of lesson plans on food and animals.

6) MES English is pretty good. You can find lesson plans, projects, flashcards, games, and worksheets for young learners.

7) Genki English is worth having a look for some ideas and lesson plans for young learners. The site has songs, games, and you can also buy useful CDs.

The following websites you have to pay for

8) English Avenue has a few sample worksheets on phonics, grammar, and games, but for $39.95 you can get a year's membership.

9) For only $25 a year you can have access to 1,500 flashcards, 1,000 worksheets, and over 50 printable craft's sheets at ESL Kidstuff 

10) Last on the list is Wondrous Worksheets. For $11.95 for a year's membership you can have access to over 800 educational worksheets for children.

As I said in my last blog you can add your website to this list. Just drop a comment below and I'll add it on. Hope this helps. Have fun while teaching.

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