This week's top TEFL Blog posts

Here's my weekly update of top TEFL blog posts.

Where the Hell is Matt 2012?
This guy is a legend. Matt has travelled round the world dancing in different cities with loads of people and this is his latest video. It's great for teaching cities and countries in your classes. I'm actually in the video too. Matt came to Seville last summer and I was lucky enough to get in the background. See if you can spot me; I'm wearing a red t-shirt.

ESL London 2012 Olympics
With the London Olympics only a month away this post listing the-best-sites-for-learning-about-the-london-2012-olympics on Larry Ferlazzo's Blog has some great resources. Perfect for summer school teachers.

Life in the classroom
While studying for my DELTA the other day I came across this slide with a great explanation for Subject and Object questions (after nearly 9 years teaching I still get confused sometimes).

There a lesson on the Guardian for a lower intermediate class about Ferrari launching it's first hybrid car.

Thinking of heading out to Sydney? This blog post on the ytravel blog called 11 places to eat in Sydney is pretty good.

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