This week's Top TEFL blog posts!

My last blog from Seville before I jet home for a month to work in London. Here's this week's top TEFL blog posts.

Gap Year in Thailand
If you fancy a GAP year in Thailand then this blog has some useful tips on volunteering abroad. Photo by Rev Stan.

Student Motivation
This article titled more-than-six-ways-of-motivating-our-students on Teaching Village is a great read if you're struggling to motivate your students.

Discussion for teenagers
For those of you teaching summer camps this July and August this post about When do you become an adult on My That's English could be useful for discussions with teenagers.

Bringing travel into the classroom
There are some excellent Time lapse videos from the Guardian on TEFL geek which could provide some interesting inspiration to your students.

Teaching Idioms
I came across this nifty site by Laura Schwartz called English Speaking. Her last blog about idioms and expressions with stop could be useful if you are teaching idioms with stop, obviously. If not then have a look at her site anyway.

That's my five best posts for this week. Log in next week for some more. Cheers.

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