This week's top TEFL blogs

After last's weeks top TEFL blogs check out this week's batch.

Sunset at Bosque del Apache
You can't beat a sunset when you're travelling. Have a look at the photo articles on Gap year escape of the Best Sunsets. You can see quality sunsets in Australia, Thailand, Morocco, Mexico, LA, and Fiji. Photo by snowpeak.

Life in the classroom
Following on from the Royal Jubilee weekend, this post called Cartoon: The Royal Jubilee could be worth using with your high level or adult students.

Need some dialogues to get your low level or beginner students speaking in class? Then try this article on ESL about called Practicing Speaking.

Teacher Development
There's a decent blog on Larry Ferlazzo's blog regarding The Best Places for ESL teachers to get professional development online.

If you're doing the DELTA then check out An ELT Notebook for Part 6 of Doing the DELTA.

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