Essential Resources for teaching English in Australia

Australia is a great place to teach English as a foreign language. I was in Sydney for about four months and really enjoyed working there, once I'd found a decent job. Have a look at my Australia page for my blogs but here are some useful links to find courses, jobs, and plan adventure trips in Australia.

TEFL Courses
As you can see below Sydney seems to be the most popular destination do to a TEFL course. (Photo by Ryan Carr)

Have a look at i-to-i's courses for internationally recognised combined and online courses.

Try TEFL corp for courses in Sydney.

Cactus TEFL has TEFL courses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

ESL base has an extensive list of TEFL courses and language schools.

GoAbroad has about 8 TEFL courses in Australia.

TEFL has TEFL courses in Sydney.

You can also try TEFL life for more courses in Sydney.

Careful in the water
Finding a TEFL job in Australia
The best site for TEFL jobs is normally

TEFL also has a list of TEFL vacancies at the moment.

ESL employment has an updated list of TEFL jobs.

Try ESL job feed for jobs in Oceania.

TEFL jobs overseas is pretty good too.

Australia Travel Websites
While I was in Oz I travelled up the East Coast, stopping at Byron Bay, Brisbane, Fraser Island, The Whitsunday's, Townsville, and then shot into the outback towards Alice Springs to see Ayers Rock. Australia is a massive country and in three weeks I barely touched the surface. I'd recommend travelling round this amazing country. Here are a few websites to help you on your adventure. Photo by Stormy Dog

Have a butchers at for facts, things to see and do, and help planning a trip.

Lonely Planet speaks for itself.

Australian Travel Emporium has info on tours, holidays, accomodation, airport transfers, and general information on all the states and regions.

Keep updated on what's happening in Australia on this website called

Hungover and too early!
Check out the fco website for essential information on travelling in Australia.

Australia is all about adventure, so check out this site Adventure Tours to get perfect info.

Australia Blogs
Australian blogs  has a mix of blogs about Australia.

Mrs T-J Down Under is a useful blog by Debbie who lives in Melbourne.

Stuck in Oz is a decent blog about a Swedish girl living in the dream in Australia.

Have a look at for some good blogs about Oz.

Aussieblogs is worth having a ganders at too.

If you have website, blog, or know of any other useful websites about teaching English or travelling in Australia then leave a comment below. Hope this helps.

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