This week's top TEFL blog posts

It's that time of week again, here's some more TEFL blogs that have interested me during the last week.

The Shard

The Shard
I'm lucky enough to have a view over London from our offices this summer. I couldn't believe it when I noticed a massive new building had popped up since last year. This video on I spilled the beans about the Shard could be used with your students in class, transcript provided. Photo by Dave Catchpole

Escapism in Bangkok
This blog post brought some memories of when I was in Thailand. This blog titled Chinatown Bangkok from ytravelblog is a great read, as usual from Caz.
Learn English through Music
I'm getting more into using songs in class to teach English. I'm not just talking about putting a song on in the last few minutes to kill some time, but actually teaching vocabulary and pronunciation as well. Have a look at this website Music English which has load of youtube music videos, with the lyrics and you can also download the words in a text file. Thanks Richard.

TEFL Courses
Do you need a degree to teach English abroad? Well, according to online tefl courses you don't. Have a look at this website for a range of online TEFL courses.

Drilling in the classroom
I drill, but do you, and how much before you students turn into blabberers? Here's a decent post which talks about whether TEFL teachers drill or not.

If you want your blog or website added to this list next week then let me know.

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