This week's top TEFL blog posts

Here's this week's top TEFL blog posts.

London Olympics 2012
Yes, I'm sick of the Olympics too and it hasn't even started yet, but I must admit seeing the official torch was funny as it went passed near where I'm working this summer in Harrow. On the same theme here's an article by Sandy Millin, an EFL teacher, and her story about how she became a London 2012 Games Maker.

Have a look at these Olympic Lesson Plans on ELT experiences for some more TEFL ideas too.

How to look in TEFL
I haven't checked TEFL newbie for a while, but here's a decent post with some advice on How important is how you look in TEFL.

TEFL in Thailand
Here's an informative post on Ajarn about Why can't Thais speak English, not a bad read if you're heading out to Thailand to teach English as a foreign language.

Why learn English?
We all know why we everyone should learn English, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded now and then. Have a look at this post on My English teacher about how learning English will help you enjoy the pleasure's in life. It could be a great refresher for your students too.

Thanks again for reading my weekly post. Have a look at last week's one here.

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