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Are you looking for the perfect TEFL job? Coming towards the end of one TEFL adventure and looking for the next? Desperate to get away from your home country and teach English after completing your CELTA? Well, look no further. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best TEFL job boards.

These are in no particular order.

The TEFL world is waiting...
1) I've spent many a time browsing jobs on In fact, this website is one of the reasons my TEFL adventure went as far as it did. Once you register as a job seeker you can upload your CV along with a photo and even a video clip if you wish. You also get access to an updated city cost guide which is very useful to plan before making that plunge. Have a look at the job centrecareer planner, and career centre pages. If you're interested in managing your own language school or becoming an ELT agent then check out Business Listings section. Photo by epsos.

2) i-to-i TEFL jobs board is new to the TEFL world and is becoming really successful. You can find teaching jobs in Asia, Europe, The Middle East, and The Americas. There's loads of useful information about job types and who tefls as well as a section for employers. Check out the TEFL Blog which is full of tips, advice and stories on TEFLers lives.

3) Dave's ESL Cafe has been around for a while. The majority of jobs are based in Asia; China, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan, but there are also positions in Europe and the Middle East. There's a great ideas page with different lesson ideas from teachers all over the world. If you're into forums, then Dave has plenty on his site.

4) TESALL Jobs has a massive range of jobs from all over the world. You can browse across all continents and most countries. The idea behind Tesall is that you can search jobs across all the major job boards so it's definitely worth having a look for your next TEFL job.

5) IH World Jobs: Fancy working for one of the most recognised language schools then check out International House jobs. They have over 150 language schools in over 50 countries so it's worth having a look at their job list.

6) ESL jobs has an updated list of teaching jobs from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. You can only search the jobs in date order, but at least you get the most current ones first. also has sections on teachinglesson-plansactivities, articles, and forums.

7) Go abroad has over 20,000 jobs opportunities from around the world. You can find jobs, volunteer programs, and internships.

8) find tefl jobs has a lot of links to other job boards (some of which are above), but you might be able to find a few extra sites worth searching.

9) ESL jobs board provides jobs by categories and country. There are lots of jobs in Australia, Europe, The Middle East, and the UAE.

10) You can find worldwide TEFL jobs on happy cats tefl jobs as well as sections on teaching abroad advice and courses. 

If you manage to find a job then these two blogs Best ESL lesson plan websites and Best ESL lesson plan websites for young learners could come in handy for planning your classes.

If you know of any other jobs boards, or work for one and want to add it to this list, then let me know.

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