This week's top TEFL blog posts

Here are the most useful TEFL blogs I've read this week.
How can you not get the blues after coming home from there!
Holiday blues
It happens to all of us. How do you feel when you get back to your home country after a long trip or season TEFLing? Normally pretty miserable, huh? Check out this blog on Lonely Planet called Five ways to beat the post holiday blues. Only wish I was coming back from a holiday to be able to reap the rewards. Photo by Jeremy Vandel.

First time travellers
Are you about to set off on a TEFL adventure of a lifetime? If you are then I'm guessing travel will be involved somewhere along the way. Check out this blog on Y travel blog titled 43 tips for first time travellers.

Personal Development
Have a look at this short but nifty blog on ELT bakery which gives you some good reasons to attend TEFL conferences.

ELT Trends
There's a great video on Adam's blog Yearinthelifeofanenglishteacher about the The five most important trends in ELT. The video includes information on DOGME, ESAP, and China.

Views on course books
I must admit since studying for the DELTA I am branching away from the traditional course book style lessons, but what about you? Have a look at this article on Authentic Teaching for Willy's Views on course books.

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