This week's Top TEFL blog posts

Another week, and five new tasty blogs to check out in the world of TEFL.

I never worry about nothing...
Mai Bpen Lai (Don't worry about it, or should you?)
Here's an article which discusses work ethic vs life ethic by Maya Dattani on ajarn. Makes me remember what life was like in by argenberg.

Encourage your students to learn outside the classroom
One aspect of teaching English I've been reading about this week is encouraging students to become more autonomous in their learning. I always feel it's a bit of a sensitive issue, getting students to do even more work in their busy lives, but this list of six websites to learn English for free on My English Teacher could prove handy.

What did you learn this summer?
I'm planning on writing a blog on this subject, but in the meantime have a look at this one titled five things I learned at summer school on esolinshetland.blogspot. I particularly agree with the point on how listening and pronunciation are linked.

Tips for new teachers
Are you new to TEFL? Need some advice and tips? Then check out this blog on freetech4teachers titled 43 new tips for new teachers.

Classroom Management
Do you need some new ideas with regards classroom management for the start of term? Have a look at this teacher survival kit for classroom management on teacher boot camp.

So there you go...anyone seen any other good blogs then post them below.

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