This week's Top TEFL blog posts

Before I go on to my weekly post of the best TEFL blogs I've read recently, I'd like to thank everyone for their support and comments on the launch of my book: Teaching English in a Foreign Land. I've sold quite a few copies already and am even listed in the Amazon Latin America best seller list (well, at the time of posting this blog I was). My page loads are hitting over 200 a day so that's great.

Anyway, back to business. Here are my top TEFL blogs for this week.

Why go to Paris?
There's a great story by James on i-to-i of why he quit his job and moved to Paris. If you're thinking of running off to France then this should definitely push you in the right direction. Photo by Moyan Brenn.

New York 9/11
I was in New York this time last year on my honeymoon. We steered clear of the World Trade Centre and made the most of the short queues by going up the Empire State Building. If you fancy discussing the 11th anniversary of the September 11th disaster in New York then check out Larry ferlazzo's website for more 911 resources.

Dinosaur Role Play Masks
One thing I read about over the summer was using masks with younger learners to increase the amount of native speaker interaction. It's a simple idea. You go into class with a mask on and the kids ask you questions. You have to give them some sort of listening activity to do like getting them to make notes on your answers or getting them to discuss in groups what they heard. Download some dinosaur masks on Early Learning HQ here.

What is a paragraph?
Are your students having problems constructing decent paragraphs. Well, have a look at this blog by Patrick titled What is a paragraph? for help with academic writing.

TEFL life reflections
There's a decent blog by Miguel Mendoza about how he became an EFL teacher in Venezuela on Teaching Village.

Cheers, that's all for this week.

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