This week's Top ESL blogs: Movember Song

It's been a while, but here are some ESL blogs that I've found useful.

An amazing Tash for Movember
Movember Song
It's an important cause, and a great way to promote Movember this month to raise money for prostate cancer. Use this Movember Song with your students and make them aware. Have a look at this movember slide show too. To sponsor my nutty mate in the photo click here.

Active listening in class
'Do students actually listen to each other?' 'No, not really,' is an observation Jonathan made on his article Active listening in the ESL/EFL class. Well worth a look if you want to get your students more involved.

League of Expat Writers
Check out this week's LEW post on Bex Hall's blog Leaving CairoHow Greece captured my heart by Sara Alexi. A great read if you're looking at reasons to become an expat.

Lacking Clarity
For a more serious article from the Guardian check out this one titled Where clarity is lacking in English language teaching. No need to tell me about confusing terminology, my mind is like a giant maze of weird terms that I'll probably never use again once I've done my DELTA exam in two weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of...
Typical TEFL activities is worth having a look at by Alex Case. It covers eliciting, authentic texts, and blind observations.

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