Win a free copy of Teaching English in a Foreign Land

I've teamed up with Katie at i-to-i in a competition to win a paperback copy of my book Teaching English in a Foreign Land.

Favourite view of my trip round the world...
Mazunte, Mexico
To stand a chance of winning this competition all you have to do is click on the link to my latest blog 5 reasons to become a TEFL teacher and leave a comment at the bottom giving your top reason to become a TEFL teacher. Competition closes on the 20th of December and then Katie and the team at i-to-i will decide on a winner to be announced on the 21st.

For the last couple of months Teaching English in a Foreign Land has been in the best seller Amazon charts in the Latin America section and more recently in the Biography Travel section.

If you want to get a taste of my book then have a look at the these two excerpts.

Excerpt 1: Ecuador - The Fear of Returning
Excerpt 2: The Secrets of Teaching

Good luck!

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