A Novel Spain: All you need is love, try being an expat, and Spanish dog poo

Here's the latest on what's going down on my other blog, A Novel Spain.

Miss Bangkok, but not as much as I used to...
Photo by Mike Behnken
Book Excerpt: Meet the Sister
If you hadn't noticed by now I have written a travel literature book based on a TEFL adventure around the world. For a peek at an excerpt when I arrived in Thailand then have a look at the latest book excerpt: Meet the Sister.

Why you should try being an expat
I reckon that everyone should at least try living abroad, feeling the pressure of the unknown, and learning how to order beer in a foreign language. If you're thinking of becoming an expat and need some persuading then have a look at this blog titled: Why you should try being an expat.

Dog crap in Sevilla
If you've lived in Spain, or even just visited, then it's more than likely than you've trod in Spanish dog turds. Why though? What is the problem with this country and people leaving their dog waste for other people to take home with them, or leave traces of it on their doormats? To find out more about what I think have a look at who, who, who, who, who, won't clean their dog crap?

All you need is love...and a dictionary
I guess I'm an old romantic at heart really. For a run down on why I became an expat for love, then have a look at this post titled: All you need is love, and a dictionary.

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